This was the first lecture explaining what critical thinking was in terms of art and design and how the lecture series would provide us with a platform that would hopefully generate ideas or some sort of understanding towards the main essay itself which was ‘to provide a critique of an exhibition visited in the last 6 months’ using the frameworks of

  • Feminism
  • Class and race
  • Historical
  • Symbolism
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity

The lecturer also emphasised how research is essential in understand how we could frame our essay, as well as showcase references in order to show we have looked into academic published pieces of work that support our argument and critique of the exhibition we choose to analyse. What I observed from the lecture was that it was very fast paced and there was a lot to take in unlike the first year lectures, it confirmed to me that this was second year and that it required all of my attention. The lecturer also touched upon the themes of PESTEL which I am very familiar with as it’s also used in fashion design practise and it helps to understand how what’s in the world can affect or influence what we create. Furthermore how exploring boredom and going beyond the conservative cycle can push a creative mind to think beyond its boundaries, it highlighted how working with other students under the art and design umbrella to collaborate towards a piece of work can create something beyond your own practice. As it was the first lecture of the year my expectations were that it would be laid back and easy going and although I was able to keep up it certainly wasn’t a laid back lecture. I believe this was intentional because soon enough it would be time to start exploring the essay question into more detail and writing up the findings.


What I learn from the lecture was first what the unit was for and what it’s about, what the essay question was and also how the lecture series would help with the understanding of certain themes that we could include in our essay critique of an exhibition. I learnt that every week we would have to document our work and explore and research into key words, key people and their work and how and why it is relevant to our own understanding of art and design. We had also been shown a video of Dj spooky aka that subliminal kid an interview showcasing his own ideas and ways of thinking and I found that rather fascinating so I wanted to explore that in more depth for my own understanding. I appreciated that the lecture wasn’t just a bunch of slides with paragraphs of descriptive writing, it showed that the lecture had a clear understanding of how to cater to art and design students by including images and videos, which made it more memorable for me and I could go away and do research on what I had learnt. However there were certain topics that I would have liked to have been explained more at the end of the lecture as well as questions to be answered so I gain a clearer understanding, but before that was possible the lecture was over and it was time to go.


Through reflection I realised the main body of learning for me was how to do extensive research that is relevant to the end product rather than just googling anything and everything, to really sift through what notes I wrote down that would enhance rather than hinder the direction in which I wanted to take the essay. From the lecture I learnt of artists such as Oded ezer and Linda sterling whom I had never heard of previously or ever attempted to explore their work and therefore I would like to make that my next step and what I will do next. I know I could have improved in the lecture by adding more notes just so it was easier to understand how my mind was working towards writing down certain key words and the reason why I picked out certain areas of the lecture more than others. I think I could apply this type of learning for my next lecture by including my reasoning and thought patterns to show how I got from A to B. The one thing I would have done differently would have been to take pictures of slides that caught my attention just so it would be easier when researching the people I had written down and exactly which work of theirs was on the slide, I knew that the lectures were being recorded but it would have been wise of me to also document the lecture slides as this way of working is what works for me and I have to use methods of documentation that work best for me and my thought process.



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