Starting the sketchbook 


I began working in my sketchbook, documenting what I have done so far since being given the fabric, cut and innovation brief. I thought the best way of starting the sketchbook would be to create a title page just to introduce the project and verify the reason for the sketchbook. On the next page I began to write down the list of notes id taken from the first presentation as a way of reminding myself of where my ideas first stemmed from. On the other page beside it I decided to start writing about what innovation is in the context of fashion, and I also went into more detail as to what certain designers have done be considered innovative, this helped me in knowing what has been done before and also how I could be different with my own designs. I was also able to start sketching some of the designs that interested me like the work of Schiaparelli and Galliano. I wanted to start the sketchbook as soon as possible because I didn’t want to forget what I had done so far especially with the trip to the V&A museum as I knew they’d be a lot to document.

So what?

I liked doing the illustrations but writing out all the notes and information became tedious but it was necessary in order for my sketchbook to make sense and flow. I learnt that it’s easier to document work early on because then I’m able to remember more information of what I have recently done.

Now what?

What I will do next is use my illustrations as inspiration in the studio for when I begin to experiment on the dress stand. I think I’ll improve my documenting in the sketch book by adding more extensive artist research to show where I get my source of design information/inspiration from.

20140415_215103 20140415_215121 20140415_215144 20140415_215205 20140415_215210


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