Working on the dress stand 


In the studio I began to work on the stand by using a straight jacket block to create a paper pattern and then sewn into calico. The reason I chose this pattern is because I thought a straight jacket would be easier to manipulate and change to make it more innovative. From there I thought to start layering fabrics on top of the toile, this is evident with the red fabric draped on the toile. I liked the structure of the straight jacket because it looked unisex as I wasn’t sure yet whether I wanted the jacket to me masculine or feminine oriented. I also only made half a toile as it wasn’t the main one there was no need to create a full toile, and because I’d seen it for experimentation reasons I knew I’d be creating stitch lines and cutting into it to create some sort of shape.

So what?

I have never sewn or made a pattern for a jacket before so that was a new skill I was able to learn, having made other garment such as skirts before it wasn’t that difficult to do but it was interesting to understand how all the different parts fit together. The experience of sewing the jacket was not what I expected because I thought it would’ve been more difficult than it was, but I think having had some form of experience of sewing helped me understand how I can apply the same skills to creating other garments that I have never sewn before. I liked the fact that I could add jacket to my list of garments that I can sew, what wasn’t so great was that I was hoping to have done a lot more by the time the lesson had ended, sewing the jacket took more time than it needed to. Overall I was proud of the fact that I accomplished what I set out to do for the day and I was able to document my accomplish through pictures

Now what?

What I can do for next time to improve is to cut the sewing time in half so that I have more time to actually start experimenting rather than using most of the time to make one simple pattern. The bettering of my time management will allow me to also spend more time designing and illustrating in my sketchbook to show development. The most important thing I learnt was that I shouldn’t limit myself just because I haven’t made something before, it is better to go along with an idea and make a mistake because then it’s easier to better those mistakes and create developments from them.




 20131017_164545 20131017_164548 20131017_165325 20131017_165404


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