This lecture began by introducing the book by pat Francis entitled ‘inspiring writing in art and design’. Being a creative student is at times difficult to explain and express through words rather images. It can become so easy to rely rather heavily on expected your work to explain itself or for images to explain themselves and therefore forget the skills to really articulate how to critique a piece of work. This book is able to break down that barrier of fear of writing in art and design and makes it digestible. It is a book that caters to the creative mind and therefore it is written with those in mind and it would especially be helpful when constructing the essay.

‘Students often feel that they are enrolled to do their subject: to design, to draw ,to make but not to write ’ page 15 inspiring writing art and design

First published in the uk 2009 by intellect books,the mill,parnall road,fishponds,Bristol bs16 3jg uk copyright intellect 2009 ltd printed and bound by Gutenberg press, malta

The lecture then took a turn and started to analyse how mass production and consumerism saturated society’s thoughts towards products especially in terms of art and design. The idea was to use manipulation on the unconscious mind in order to make something more acceptable through excessive symbolism and advertising. This is how companies could then sell their products and link it to the human emotional state making the consumer feel like they need something when in reality it’s just a ‘want’.

This is evident with the 1950s propaganda posters for smoking that showcased doctors smoking and recommending the cigarettes with milder effects. These forms of  false advertisement would even be stated to be ‘facts’ by cigarette companies, and by bombarding the consumer with images of cigarettes it would have the effect of consumer wanting to smoke and eventually that would turn into a need to smoke.

‘Man’s desires must overshadow his needs’- Paul mazer

This was then followed through with the explanation of product placement in films, and how that can tap into the unconscious state to make the consumer also believe the product being shown is a necessity. The lecture mainly focused on these themes and how they have been used in art and design. My reaction to this lecture was one of awareness for the topic, though it was interesting for me to hear it being taught in more depth, and how I could apply that to my research towards the essay.

I also observed the use of imagery to explain the points being made as well as the references back to art and design so it makes sense in context with the research we are doing for the essay and the frameworks.

So what?

From this lecture I was able to learn from a more in-depth perspective of consumerism and mass democracy. This was interesting to me because there are so many elements of it and so many angles to be analysed from and how it can be used to understand the artistic work of that time. Issues revolving around the themes in PESTEL were certainly a stepping block for most artists.  What I liked were the references back to art and design because then I know I could apply it to my own work and research and the Notes taken weren’t from understanding the essay. I also liked that I was given the name of a book that could help me out in writing the essay when it comes to it and the book was specifically for design student in mind which makes it that much more personal as It caters to my needs, my strengths as well as my weaknesses and giving me helpful tips that made me overcome and embrace them so what was the point of the lecture?, I was able to expand on my own knowledge and understanding.

Now what?

From this lecture my next step now would be to find images of product placement in movies, find quotes that justify the argument that consumerism is saturated. To find artists who explored the aspects of consumerism and how they used this in their own work. I can improve by exploring consumerism outside of art and design to show my full understanding of the subject. I don’t think I would have done the note taking differently because from the first lecture I pursued to learn how to write down key bullet points that I feel will benefit my research rather than everything and anything , just for writing sake and I believe I have fulfilled by learning  sift through what aspects of the presentation specifically  important to me




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