Developments on the dress stand


I continued to do some fabric draping on the stand and creating silhouettes with scrap fabrics and attempting to incorporate the element of layering, I wanted the draping to be on one specific area of the jacket rather than all of it, to really emphasise the technique. I also moved on to creating silhouettes of dresses and skirts just to experiment more with draping and trying out different weights of fabrics to show differences of the draping and how they fall on the mannequin, and that’s an indication of how the garment might fall on a real body. As for the colour scheme it wasn’t really a priority for this exercise but I did try to stick to simple colours that aren’t too bright or too dark, I was really just trying to use what I could find and manipulate it in the way that I wanted it to look. I was then able to take pictures of the work I had done to show the progression I had made from the previous week.

So what?

From this task I learnt how to drape on the stand and how one simple alteration can change the whole look of the garment.  I think this is what worked well because I was able to get a number of different looks together that stemmed from the same idea. I knew this would give me a range of looks to choose from and that I could then narrow down and develop further to be my final design idea. What I found difficult was attempting to assess and analyse what fabrics worked best with the draping technique because I didn’t want to use jersey for my jacket or a stiff denim because it wouldn’t drape too well; but rather a fabric that had some fluidity and all I seemed to find was jersey in the fabric bin so I had turn this problem around and work around the issue by creating silhouettes and continue to do my work for the rest of the day. However by not cutting into the fabric I think I limited myself because the brief is called cut, fabric and innovation and it would have given the jacket silhouette a different look.

Now what?

From evaluating my progression I feel I could have improved in the areas of innovation because I stuck to the draping and layering aspect of things but I could explored other ideas and see if they were fused together whether it would work as a success or failure. Innovation is all about exploring and experimenting as much as possible in order to create an idea or concept that hasn’t been seen or heard of and in order to do this I have to challenge myself creativity which is lacking so far. What I can do next is to start creating a paper pattern of the idea that I choose to start creating and from there hopefully the idea will evolve from a 2d concept to 3d.20131022_113546 20131022_114831 20131022_114837 20131022_120629 20131022_120706 20131022_121209 20131022_122905 20131022_123155 20131022_124303 20131022_141313 20131022_143406 20131022_143534 20131022_144618 20131022_144735 20131022_150653 20131022_161319


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