the full scale paper pattern 24/10/2013


I developed my work by working on the stand and using the paper pattern for the straight jacket, I pinned the paper pattern so I would be easier to work with and alter. I began to add fabric to the paper pattern to see how the two worked together and whether this would make it easier to understand my design. however  this wasn’t working too well as the paper wasn’t fluid enough to drape with  and therefore I couldn’t work out what I needed to do next because the paper pattern was holding me back from being able to experiment in the right direction. Cathy suggested that because of my design it might be easier to begin on the small scale stand first then translate that onto the big scale. I had also added an extension to the jacket that came from the shoulder and wrapped around the garment like a scarf, but in paper it didn’t have the same effect and it just looked stiff and crumpled if I attempted to make it make it drape. This design was inspired by the experimentation I had done on the stand previously because I thought it was the strongest out of the ones I had done.

So what?

What I liked about this task was that it was a step in the right direction because my design stopped being just a design and I was beginning to create it and bring it to life. I find that sometimes the process of pattern making can be tedious because I want to get straight to the making part, but I know that the paper patterns are essential so I have to learn to better my experience with the process of pattern making. It is all part of the develop of the design process so I think what worked well was how much I had accomplished for the day I was able to begin my paper pattern, acess what my next step would be and then evaluate how useful the day.


Now what?

Through my mistakes I decided for the next practical lesson I would work on the half scale stand, doing this would possibly allow me to work out my problems first so I can replicate the design onto the full scale stand. I want my next step to be useful rather than a waste of time as it’s a quick project every development I do towards the jacket has to eventually lead to the final garment which is what I am hoping the half scale will do. There are some improvements that the design needs and I need to start evaluating how I can get over them or make them work in my favour.

20131024_154723 20131024_154736 20131024_154741 20131024_154959



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