Lecture 3


This lecture explained how the work of Chanel and Ray Eames has influenced art and design especially architecture but we could take inspiration from that and still apply it to our own disciplines, the lecturers repeated again how it would be important to research other aspects of art and design to gain an overall understanding of the subject as its more than I learnt in fashion design alone. As soon as I saw the title I knew I would be interested as it would be about fashion and the semiotics that surround it , and because it’s something I study, I knew it wouldn’t be difficult to add the research to into the essay. Some of the themes explored were design, sex and consumption; how that affected fashion, the rise of consumerism created high demand for fashion especially the works of famous designers. Through this saturation we are able to research certain areas of the past and know the era, due to the distinctive things that were prone to that time. The lecture ended with the work of Dr. Timothy Leary who made experiments with LSD, he believed it could enhance spiritual and psychological growth.

So what?

I have learnt how to better my notes taking skills and how certain words help me to remember and document my research from the lecture. The lecture helped me learn about consumerism in the context of fashion as I had never thought of it from that perspective before. And I knew it would motivate me to explore it further .i learnt about the work of artist Allen Jones and how he creates furniture with mannequins in sexual positions, it makes an alternative his works the themes of design and sex  and fuses them to create work that creates wonder and a level of discomfort. I like that this lecture highlighted on the themes  relevant  to fashion, however I would have liked to have seen more information on black fashion and why was it not included , that would have been more of a personal perspective that I could relate to . The lecture made me feel very well informed, I was able to leave having felt that much more knowledgeable and also beginning to think about my essay in more depth.

Now what?

Having brushed on the semiotics of fashion I would like to explore them further and  to really understand what semiotics are and how they affect art and design. When I visit the exhibition I will be critiquing, I would like to analyse and evaluate its use of semiotics, whether that’s evident on the clothing and  or whether  that affects me as an observer, and that’s a way I can apply what I learn today to my essay research. For the next lecture I would like to improve by picking out key points that I can use to assist in my learning process.

Semiotics and fashion

There is a unconscious reason as to why we choose certain clothing over others even when we think we aren’t .semiotics is the study of signs and symbols and fashion, is full of what this is evident  with name brands, there is a symbol and status that comes with it . Trends are always changing but must stay the same but unconsciously consumerism can be following trends without knowing it.


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