Lecture 4


This lecture highlighted how protests work as a form of problem solving and as means to correcting. How belief in something or deity is linked in some way of a religious like belief, a post modernism perspective describes it as a philosophical way of thinking. The lecturer started to mention the black civil rights movement that occurred in the 1960’s and how artists such as Emery Douglas used their own work as a form of protest and black pride. it was his form of visual language. The Black Panther movement believed they could change the world, the wanted to overturn the white middle class way of thinking.

The protests were a form of expressionism, a political art and design aspect to it. the lectures also pointed out how historically black culture has been written out in art and design and yet there has been a lot of work submitted by the artists and designs the whole ideology for the black panther movement was to show that black culture was just equal and relevant in society there was a video of bobby Seale talking about the 10 point programme created by the black panther movement. The slides moved unto how Helvetica type font is birthed out of modernist thinking, as it is easier to read and prints, which emphasises the importance of typography and even on the designs of cars and how typography gives them identity and differentiates the manufacturer.

Mark and spencer’s in a sense represents the white middle class while other ethnicities would find it difficult to identify with and what can create a psychological image unbalance.

So what?

I found this lecture the most interesting so far in the series because it focused on the black issues and focused on how the past has hindered black people from really having a vote, but through protesting in the black civil rights movement it shone a light on the reality of America and a change was needed. As a black person it sometimes feels that our history is not always taught and it is refreshing to learn about something that is relatable after all it is a part of my identity. My experience of the other lecturer was one of great interest I was keen to write as many notes I could and it stemmed an idea for the essay that I wanted to write about frameworks that would be relatable to my own identity. I would have however preferred if black history was also highlighted in a more glorious/ glamorous way, highlighting the achievements of certain black people and ho0w they improved society as much as I enjoy the learning about black history it is also relevant to include all aspects of it that show black people being strong and showing leadership rather than being led.

Now what?

From this lecture it clicked that I wanted to explore black issues under the umbrella of art and design, I wanted to start thinking about frameworks I could link what to for example thinking about race. I learnt about how protest was a platform for artists like Emery Leary to showcase their work about issues that were personal to them. I think what I did well to extensively take as many notes as I could be in the lecture and there is a lot of information that can be research. For my next step I would like to start finding sources that I believe highlight the frameworks such as books, journals and articles so when I start writing the essay I have something to reference from as I have an idea of what I want to explore.



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