Week 4 30/10/2013

  • Tensions/ how to correct something
  • Problem solving
  • How protests work
  • When people believed in things
  • Philosophical way of thinking/ post modernism
  • Religious beliefs
  • Black civil rights movement 1960s
  • Visual language , Emory Douglas- artist
  • Black panther movement-real belief that they would change the world
  • Political art and design
  • Typography is the back bone of clever thinking
  • Protests- expressionism, van Gogh
  • Black panther movement tried to overturn the bourgeoisies
  • Scare white middle class America
  • Expression of black culture
  • Marks and spencer’s
  • Radical ideology
  • Civil rights is historical
  • Historically in art and design, black culture, female and gay culture is written out
  • Art and design culture in the UK overwrites things, gives privilege to certain things
  • Marks and spencer’s- white mannequins with blonde hair with 50/60% of shoppers being the white middle class, on the outside the streets are paved with diversity
  • Bobby Seale- rational ideas
  • Make black culture as equal and as relevant
  • 10 point programme
  • Black soldiers in Vietnam more likely to die and could only receive blood transfusion from other blacks
  • Started to embrace the  African culture as a visual metaphor
  • Earth, wind and fire – album ,political visual language
  • Punk-retro- white working class references
  • Identity is gained by what we see around us
  • Emory Douglas –black community news service, richness and power of form
  • First rise of feminism
  • Cuba- against American culture
  • Black panther uniform
  • FBI- black panther colouring book
  • Emory Douglas work being copied and recycled
  • America spying on everyone
  • Grand narratives- stories that give us meaning in life
  • Religion- god is real to what king of god do I believe in?
  • Right and wrong – socialism


  • Helvetica type font- easy to read, easy to print, different weights it’s a very modernist thing
  • No serifs, ideology
  • David Carson
  • Vulnerable
  • What makes marks and spencer’s good is because the white middle class validate it as good, validated by the people who use it
  • Car design, end up all looking the same
  • Post-modernist- the decoration on cars is what gives them identity
  • Cars designed to look dangerous –aerodynamics



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