Lecture 5


This lecture focused on the element of pop culture and its place in society, also how pop culture continues to implode and saturate within itself. Pop culture is very dominant in the western societies, therefore making it synonymous with consumerism. The issue of consumerism comes from the demand of wants rather than needs. D.I.Y culture such as punk was mentioned as it was a rebellious answer to the bubble gum type pop culture. The lecturer told us to continue to research for independent study and that wasn’t any different in this lecture, one of the research points was to find out about the world of Dadaism and how it came about  and how as a movement it became rather prominent in the art world.

So what?

Though I am surrounded by pop culture and contribute to it through social media I’ve never thought about the science behind pop culture and the lecture brought that clearly to my attention. I was able to understand what pop culture has done to society. I like that I could gain a better understanding of pop culture from both a positive and negative standpoint and link that back to art and design. It is clear that artists took advantage of pop culture especially in pop art; it embraces the obsessiveness that comes with celebrities, films and magazines. As the lectures continue I continue to learn more about elements of art and design that go beyond the discipline. I enjoy learning about the scientific aspects of art and peeling and exposing the truth behind works of creativity.

Now what?

I hope to look into if pop culture affects what galleries exhibits?  Or whether there is some influence of it? From my reflection of the lecture I learnt that all the lectures in one way or another link to the frameworks and I want to continue to refer back to previous lectures to apply what I’ve learnt to the essay. I could improve for next time by coming prepared with an idea of what the lecture would be about just to gain some insight, gain a better understand and that is something I haven’t practised in previous lectures. The thing I would do differently would have been to have not dismissed some aspects of the lecture as it was more difficult to try and remember the presentation and its content. I have to be better at trying to gain interest in things that I don’t always find interesting because I could be dismissing some things that will actually help me to make my point / argument in the essay or through research.


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