Toile adjustments 07/11/2013/-15/11/2013

I tried to solve the problems of the toile by creating shape and tucking in the sides of the garment, I also shortened the hem of the garment and I cut away at some ideas evident in the pictures posted. i thought this would be a quick solution to the problems I was facing with the toile, but this just made it worse because it was now even more of proportion. So I thought before wasting any more time on this maybe I needed to pay more attention to my concept and jacket blocks and which ones actually suited what I had designed. I started doing research into the magic pattern book by tomoko nakachimi what caught my attention was on page 58 the cowl neck. I decided that I would use a normal bodice block for my experimentation to see if I could do the cowl neck effect. I made a pattern piece from following instructions from the book and I managed to make a toile from calico and I documented what I did through pictures. I also decided to use a different jacket block for my jacket project as the one I had been using just wasn’t working with my design, I used the more structured, Chanel style jacket block I then drew out a pattern piece for it and for the back I altered it to include the cowl neck design. I wanted to emphasise draping as its part of my concept so I widened the pattern to make the back drape lower. By the end of the week I was able to finish my toile and add all the elements of my design and it looked my much better than my first toile. I think what worked well was the way I was able to assess the situation with the first toile and to make a decision to start again and change the toile so that it makes sense as a garment. What didn’t work so well were the problems I had with sewing the sleeves on as it was difficult to ease them in and they wouldn’t always fit, It is also why didn’t add the other sleeve on the other arm whole. I could improve my toile adding buttons or a zip to see which opening would be best suited for the design. My next task will be to find the fabric I want to use for my final garment, and work on starting my jacket.

20131107_124345 20131107_124348 20131107_124425 20131107_124632 20131107_163937 20131107_163940 20131107_163945 20131107_163950 20131107_163954 20131107_163959 20131108_154119 20131108_154128 20131108_154130 20131115_164617 20131115_164625 20131115_164807 20131115_165038 20131115_165047 20131115_165055 20131115_165107 20131115_165120


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