Jacket 12/12/2013

I went away to Bristol for the weekend and I managed to find the fabric I wanted to use for my garment. I brought it back to the studio and I started sewing it together using the pattern pieces as a guide. Through the week I continued to add to the jacket and take pictures of my progress, I even managed to add sleeves as I had struggled with that on the toile. The most difficult part was cutting out the wrap for the neck area because it was so long and much heavier that calico so I had to be very careful when sewing it on the machine. I liked seeing how my jacket was progressing daily I wanted to make sure that I had sewing all the essential seams so that I would only be left with the finishings because the Christmas holiday was approaching and I wanted to at least have the majority of my jacket sewn up. After looking at how the sleeves looked on the jacket and how they fit on a person I decided to not include them anymore because they didn’t seem to add anything more to the jacket itself as there was a lot going on with it anyway. I think because I wanted to do so much before the holidays that I may have rushed my sewing so I would like to go back to certain areas of the jacket and improve them so the jacket looks professionally sewn. What I will do now is to buy some for of opening wether that’s a zip or hook and eye to add to the jacket so the jacket itself doesn’t droop from the weight of the wrap.

20131203_140621 20131203_140704 20131205_194759 20131205_194809 20131205_194825 20131205_194835 20131208_003227 20131208_003307 20131208_003319 20131212_161605 20131212_161617 20131212_161625 20131212_161707









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