Viscom printing

Repetitive patterns

Week1: briefing for first elective

Week2: think of concept and expose print

Week3: start printing

Week4: printing

Concept: medicine

I had struggled to try and find a concept to design for the 2025-nostalgia for an age yet to come theme as I had thought of different ideas and dismissed them. So I decided to call my mother and talk about the brief, as she is a nurse and she inspires m I thought I could ask her some questions about medicine and what she thinks will happen to medicine in 2025 and her answers were these:

  • Medicine will progress to find cures/treatments for diseases that are currently difficult to treat
  • Medicine will be easier to get hold of
  • Electronics will take the place of doctors and that human interaction will be lost

From this conversation I knew I wanted to incorporate medicine into the project, as the concept of medicine has substance and I’d want my print to make people think and ponder on what it’s about. So I started to think about how I could convey this through a design. I thought about all the aspects of medicine and I came up with the idea of illustrating a petri dish with germs infesting the dish. The petri dish encases the germs inside it and represents how we as humans can rely on medicine too much and expect it cure everything a sort of ‘security blanket’ effect and that ideology will only be enhanced in 2025. The germs though start in the petri eventually infest it and spread, this represents the progress that medicine will actually make between now and 2025.




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