Repetitive patterns

What? The task was to design a repetitive pattern that reflected the theme of 2025- nostalgia for an age yet to com. From receiving the brief over the following weeks I had managed to think of a concept, design a repetitive pattern, expose it onto a screen and began to start printing.

Exposing the print

Rose the print technician told me that the print had to completely be black, because when its exposed on to the screen the light is able to penetrate through and therefore when printing its possible for the print to be exposed onto paper. For the design to be prepared to be exposed it had to be covered in oil and made translucent.


The process of printing took some getting used to as I had forgotten how to set up the screen, but after a quick tutorial with Nelda I could continue with printing.  I chose the colour pink for the petri dish design and blue for the germs, I chose these colours because they have a visually attractive partnership yet they clash at the same time because one is a pastel colour and the other is a primary colour. The selection of colours ties in all the elements of the themes present in the medicine concept. The print itself was a4 sized and it had to be repeated onto an a2 sized piece of paper. We had to also make 3 different repeat prints and when we finished them all we could access which one was successful. As I haven’t finished the print id like to finally do as soon as I come back from the Christmas holidays.

So what?

I was able to re learn about how to expose prints and how to set my screen onto the printing bed. I found it interesting how the print began to evolve and take shape and how placement made all the three prints look different even though it was the same design. What I liked was the actual printing process itself and I enjoyed printing but at times it became repetitive, I felt like I was doing the same thing for hours and having to clean up afterwards became a messy and a long process. Learning to know the process of how to print well, made me realise this would be beneficial for me when starting the other brief. It was also useful abiding with the printing schedule and being able to at least be in the print room on a weekly basis. I was on track with my work and doing this prepared me for the next piece of work to receive.

Now what?

Reflecting on the progress I have made since beginning the first elective I feel I have managed to apply myself to the work by going to the print studio on a weekly basis and that has allowed me to continue enhancing my skills in print making. For the last week of printing the repeat print I plan on making sure that all three prints are complete. I think I could have improved by designing how I wanted the 3 repeat prints to look like because honestly I made the patterns randomly during the printing process itself but if I had made a clear plan beforehand I think it could have made the process of printing faster as I would have used the time in-between printing more wisely. For the next print I want to be able to plan my schedule so that I will be able to fulfil the brief.20140115_120240 20140115_120244 20140115_120249 20140115_120251 20140115_120256 20140115_120513 20140115_120518 20140115_120521


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