Last week of printing repetitive pattern

20140116_165319 20140116_165322

I was able to complete all 3 prints as I had planned to do and I am glad I set goals for my work and I accomplished them. There was some smudging on some prints as I didn’t realise  that when I was printing the paint had dried and that had blocked certain areas on the screen and also areas where I hadn’t taped down the edges properly  the paint bled onto the print which didn’t give it a clean, crisp look. Through these failures I learnt that I shouldn’t leave the paint till it dries on the screen as the print wouldn’t come out neatly, but instead I should continue printing to ensure consistency. I liked that I was able to identify my problems and found a way to solve them. For the following project I would like to enhance how fast I print so I can get more work done in the time frame I have in the print studio.


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