Printing multi-colour print

Week1: brief

Week2: find image and change image to CMYK on Photoshop

Week3: expose images

Week 4: printing


I had the opportunity to go to Birmingham and I wanted to take pictures of what I experienced and observed and I managed to take a picture of a river running under a tunnel with the surrounding background in near sight. I wanted to choose this image because I wanted to link to the concept in the previous brief so that my work could be coherent. The image represents ‘the light at the end of a tunnel’ concept, the prediction that  in 2025 the world of medicine will have improved and cures will be found for diseases that are killing people now and preventive treatments will be made. The idea is that with the improvement of technology will come with it the development in medicine.

Week 1-2


We received the brief in the first week that explained what we would be doing and what we would be expected to complete at the end of the elective. We were also shown how we could change an image into separate layers on Photoshop so we print them out on a3 pieces of papers and they could be ready to be exposed on to individual screens. By the second week I had been able to find the image I wanted to use for the print and describe why I wanted to use it and how it links to the 20125- nostalgia an age yet to come theme. For the rest of the week I worked on changing the image into layers (a four colour half tone print). I was also able to print out the pages on a3 paper.

So what?

I think what worked well was how I was able to follow the instructions on how to change the image into layers because there were many steps to accomplish the four layer half tone. This was a new skill I learnt on Photoshop and I now know how I can apply this to my learning for future projects.

Now what?

What I’d like to do now is to prepare my prints to be ready for exposure. I’d also like to start my print and layering the image to make it look fuller. My main learning curve was how I was able to change my image to halftones on Photoshop. I don’t think I needed to improve how I changed my image because I followed the instructions and it was a success.

20140119_125629 20140119_125640 20140119_133427



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