Red square project

Week one


In the first week we were introduced  to the new project and told that it would only last two weeks, immediately I was alarmed with the thought that it would be an impossible task to document through sketches, making a toile and development leading to creating the main garment , as well as organising the fashion show . the first couple of days I began making the toile to create shapes and silhouettes using different weighing fabrics organza to cotton however it proved difficult as the brief set certain guidelines which gave me certain restrictions for example the garment had to be made from a square piece of fabric and had to lie flat but could be sewn and cut into. I did try to use this as an advantage by continuing to experiment with structure but sometimes the experiments were not as successful as in some cases the garment looked as if it were merely draped unto the dress stand, having no real structure.

I soon moved unto calico to see if it was an easier fabric to work with, I discovered that the element of stiffness associated with the fabric worked as an advantage, I then began to see the potential in the garment I was creating as it no longer looked dull but began to come to life,  I then started to cut into the calico taking into consideration the how the garment would be placed unto the small dress stand, as the garment could be turned into many final outcomes such as a top or a dress.

As my ideas developed I began thinking of what my final garment would be so I started researching Japanese designers such as Issey Miyake, Comes Des Garcons and Yohji Yammamoto, exploring their innovative ideas, and aspects of their designs that set them apart from other designers .i was inspired by how each garment had the ability to transform into a new form, that had multiple functions were creative but also useful and practical..

Through this extensive research I began exploring how creating shapes within the square fabric could give it a completely different look on the interior and exterior of the garment. In the week I was able to illustrate some designs on the square fabric and how I could make a garment from developing the designs

So what?

From the first week I was able to learn about how fast paced fashion and how to have a fast turnaround, I had to get over my own personal fears of not being able to produce a garment that was in accordance to the brief and fit for the fashion show as well as having a substantial amount of work in my sketchbook to show my thought process for this project. I have also learnt how to follow the brief that was restricting, as I had to create a garment without the use of a body block; this project was the complete opposite to previous projects, which made it even more interesting. the experience was certainly different because we had less time than we usually have to make a garment also we all would be using the same fabric to create garments that were different in their own right . what appreciated about the project was the freedom I had to experiment with the toile, not being restricted to the human form , this gave me the opportunity to create a garment that was visually interesting / fascinating.

At times I found this project somewhat frustrating as I experimented daily with my fabric but I felt the outcomes were unsuccessful, this became difficult at time as I was concerned with how the garment would be worn and how it would look as a final piece, this made it difficult to concentrate at times, but sometimes I feel the boredom is what allowed me to be random and start to see the potential in my creations.

Now what?

Looking back at the week and reflecting on what I did, I believe I achieved a lot , more than I would have done in projects  with a longer timeframe , by having a two week project , it forced my to do the work with more speed, to be organised , using my time wisely and creating a garment to the best of my ability. From this I have learnt  that I have the capacity to work under pressure , for the next week of this project I plan to make a final decision on what the garment will be , whether it will be a pant or trousers or a top and how it will be worn on the model. In regards to the fashion show I plan to manage the catering aspect and begin collecting money towards funding the food and drink that will be served at the fashion show/ exhibition. I also plan to finish my toile and final garment. I think areas I would have included into my research would be looking at Japanese pattern making skills to gain inspiration, generating ideas as to how I could create my garment, I think doing this would have allowed me to finalise my design by the first week.

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