Cad workshop 18/02/2014

I had a cad session with Kieran and she helped me understand how to use Photoshop in a simplified way. I have used Photoshop before but sometimes I feel like I have to look at tutorials to get the answers I need. But Kieran started us off as a class on simple exercises such as colouring, lights and photo shopping models features to make them look flawless which is a skill that many people in industry use to make models look perfect. I really liked the cad sessions because I was able to learn something new about features on photoshop that I didn’t know how to before and how before I had over looked the most typical of features and yet there are many uses for them. The cad session made me motivated to do my work on photoshop rather than just leaving my illustrations as hand drawn, Kieran showed me how to change a pencil illustration  to make it look more professional and I started to see hope in being able to even make my illustrations portfolio pages. I think what worked well for me was the way I was able to do all the tasks that Kieran set in the lessons and I feel like I was able to accomplish so much in just an hour long lesson. My next step now would be to utilise what I learnt and use those skills for my own work/ projects because that is how I can show that the cad sessions where beneficial for me. It is evident that most artists work is now being done on programmes such as photoshop and illustrator so I know it is important to learn them in university whilst I have the opportunity to do so because it is very likely that I will be using it when I find a job in industry. I like that I am taught skills that will benefit me in my future careers and how I progress as a fashion designer. I will apply what iv learnt in the classroom to my own work whether that’s illustrations or photo-shoot pictures, I now know the little tips and tricks I can do so make my work look of a professional standard.

20140218_123639 20140218_123647 20140218_123509 20140218_123523 20140218_123536 20140218_123545 20140218_123551 20140218_123601 20140218_123626


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