Red square project

Week two


By the second week I was feeling more confident about this project and my progress through it. I had decided on my final design for the square fabric and it was a simple fabric design that when turned inside out changed the square fabric and its original design, I fist did this on the small dress stand as a form of pre-experimentation. I soon moved from the design onto the full scale mannequin, creating the toile out of calico  and making some adjustments on how the garment would actually be worn, I was also able to record a video of this process as I didn’t want to forget it for when i had to replicate it again for my teachers and the fashion show . in between all of this I was also collecting donations for the food that would be at the fashion show as well as writing up a list of foods that would match the theme and colour of the event, being manager allowed me to involve my managerial skills co-ordinate a team, this was not always an easy task but it was a great learning opportunity

So what?

The experience was different because as I had never managed a catering team for a fashion show before, it was something I had to learn fast because there was no time for procrastination; therefore a schedule was essential in being able to know what we needed to do as a team. I had to realise that failure was not an option, giving each team member a different role as there was much to do , as for the garment I learnt that as soon as I figured out the design, everything began to fall into place, because I was able to pay attention to the details and develop the garment through the adjustments made on the full scale dress stand as I could imagine how the garment would look on the model. I feel that this is what worked well. What did not work so well was that I was unable to make the garment multi-functional, creating a top that could be worn as a skirt or trouser but as I toiled and experimented with the idea on the stand the design began to lose its simplicity, I then had to think of ways to sort this problem out . a successful element of my project would be my documentation through images as it reassured me of my progress.

Now what?

What I have learnt from this week time management through pressure and being able to do the tasks I had set out for myself and my responsibilities for the catering role for the fashion show. I could apply this to my learning by using the skills I have learnt for other fashion shows, rather than forgetting what I have learnt , as they are skills essential to the industry. What I would have done differently would be to challenge myself to create a garment that is more difficult such as a pair of trousers and think about the geometry that it requires, as I now know I can work well under pressure and that I shouldn’t be afraid to challenge my practical skills. My next task now would be to prepare for the next fashion show by marking out my design in the red fabric, preparing the dress rehearsal and going to purchase the food for the event.

20140121_154736 20140121_154749 20140128_143319 20140128_143336 20140128_143345


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