Multi-colour image



I was able to finally expose my images and I learnt how to prepare them from the previous brief. I had to make sure that all four images were exposed so I could begin to print and layer the image. the following week I was able to start printing the image unlike the previous print this would be a layering effect and I had to place the print right on top of each other to eventually build upon the image. With each layer I had to make sure that I printed using the right colours that fit the bill for the CMYK format. Although I wasn’t able to complete the print itself I’m still glad I was able to do the process and I wanted to complete the print but I just ran out of time.

So what?

What worked well was the placement of the images onto the print .as I had never used this form of print making before it was something I was able to learn and I appreciated learning a new skill. What didn’t work so well was how I wasn’t able to finish the print as I was only able to add the colours of yellow and pink and because they are bright colours, the print couldn’t really be seen and it didn’t come out very clear.

Now what?

I can improve for next time by allowing myself to have enough time to actually finish the print and to the highest quality. What would I would have differently would have been to go back and actually finish the print rather than leaving it incomplete as I could have seen what it would have looked like with all the layers and I could have stated that I have completed a multi-colour print. What I was missing was just to add the back and blue layers. However having reflected on the work I think I would have finished the print with the layer of the blue as I think adding the black would have been too saturated and the layers underneath wouldn’t have been able to be seen.

20140210_100202 20140210_100210 20140210_100237 20140210_100253


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