In the print making elective we had two different briefs to create a repetitive pattern and to create a multi-colour print and this spanned over an 8 week period.

The printing making elective over the 8 week period allowed me to learn a lot more about the different skills that are in print making. I know I could have improved my time management at times because I wasn’t always able to finish my work and I think that hindered my learning. Not being able to finish my work also meant that I couldn’t right up about how I developed my print and I could only write about how I would want to develop the print, which didn’t help my progress at print making because how can apply skills to other aspects of my work if I hadn’t learnt them yet and id had the opportunity to do so. What the print making elective did help me to do is to adapt the skills I learnt to print on paper to then be able to print on fabric, as I study fashion I know that at some point I would like to print my own designs on fabric for my final major project in 3rd year and therefore showcase my skills to people of industry that I can do more than just sew, it also shows that I am not afraid to learn new things and I am a fast learner when it comes to creative practises. I am glad that I chose to do print making because it confirms that I will definitely be using it in the future whether that’s for personal reasons or for industry. I believe what went well for me in this elective were the skills I took away from it and also the concepts I chose to focus my prints on because they all made sense to the 2025- nostalgia an age yet to come theme and it shows I really thought about the brief and that my prints weren’t just random I wanted to make sure that they had a back story that also explained my reasons for choosing them and how the prints linked with each other. As my concepts were really strong I feel I could have executed the ideas much stronger through my prints but I think because I rushed to do my designs and expose the image I didn’t have time to redesign my initial idea and better it, though I was happy with the way the print actually came out but I wasn’t fully satisfied with the design I was content with it. I am glad I chose it over the other electives because it was beneficial for me as a fashion design and I learnt more about print making over an 8 week period than I have done previously.





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