Paper patterns 20/02/2014

As I am doing a diffusion line inspired by both tibi and Modahnik I wanted to make sure the diffusion collection reflects the partnership of the two and the designs I create infuse the two in a way that tells the story from both perspectives. So I looked for inspiration from the magic pattern book by tomoko nakachimi and I found a tutorial for a pair of trousers that looked so interesting to me, it had this sort of gathering effect and that instantly reminded me of tibi and from that I knew the fabric would have to be Modahnik inspired in order to show I took elements from both sides. So I have able to finally to start translating my designs onto the paper patterns which wasn’t easy because I had to change the straight trouser pattern into these semi-circle shapes and that was only possible if I cut the straight trouser pattern and opened it up and start to curve it into shape. This was a tedious process because the pattern paper is so flimsy and I had to keep taping pieces together to keep it from all falling apart. I was able to finally draw around the trouser paper pattern on another piece of pattern paper as it would be easy to work around another pattern piece that is just one piece and intact. I feel the day was successful for me because I was able to take my design and replicate it onto a pattern piece that will then use to sew up my main garment. I did get frustrated at one point because it looked like the effect of the trousers wasn’t working and I had to keep taping pieces together and make sure its precise because I knew id have to use it for my final trouser garment and that had to be perfect. What I did to make it easier for myself was to just not sew so far into the paper so it wouldn’t rip as it is paper and easily perishable but I just persevered with the task at hand and by the end of that day I was able to have a final paper pattern piece. What I would next to do next in the studio is to start working on my toile for my garment and to see if it actually works when it is translated into fabrics. I want to probably do on trouser leg toile as I want to move onto my working on my final garment quite soon. I think what I would have done differently if id realised how complicated the paper pattern would be would have been to do it on some thin card as that would have been easier to handle and it had a stronger structure than paper so it would have held the shape much better and easier to draw around for the final paper pattern piece.



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