Viscom elective 2

Week1: brief and begin gallery space (monumental book)

Week2: continue with gallery

3D Viscom elective



The first week we were briefed about what the 3D elective and how we would need to submit an A2 sized poster that shows what we would have learnt over the eight week period. We were also shown a slideshow of some images that had connotations of what 3D art is . it made the brief interesting because normally a brief can just be the teacher , reading the brief out  but it made a change to have images to go alongside the brief. We were also shown a book called ‘monumental’ which is about all the art that was placed inside the museum of modern art and it was very cluttered and busy and not the kind of art that reflects the newness  and modernity of the museum. We then began creating our own gallery spaces with different objects and then took pictures to document our progress. The second week I just continued working on the gallery space again.

So what?

  • It was beneficial to have the briefing as it helped me to learn what I’d need to show at the end of the elective.


  • At the moment of the brief I was thinking how excited I was about doing a new elective as it was another field of art and design to learn about.



  • I think I should have changed my gallery space by the second week because I felt like I was doing the same thing and I wasn’t sure that  would have helped me with my final poster.


  • I did enjoy creating the gallery space even though after a while It became tedious, I would have liked to have been given another task to do.
  • By the second week I had also been expecting to be using other 3D objects but we could only work with what was available to us and that was disappointing as I expected 3D to be more hands on.


Now what?

I want to improve my gallery space by using other 3d objects that I find myself and whether that might spark that inspiration. What I want to do now is do some more experimentation with 3d objects. My aspirations for next week is to make my gallery space better by experiment more with materials that I find myself and that will make my own work more personal. I think I could have made my gallery space much bigger just as something I would have done differently if I had the opportunity.

20140210_160007 20140210_160018 20140210_160028 20140210_160034 20140210_160042 20140210_160049 20140210_160100 20140210_164737 20140210_164746


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