Self-assessment for red square project

The fact that the project only lasted two weeks and I managed to do so much is a testimony to show that it is possible for me to work well under pressure. The red square project itself is a project were we had to design a garment that could lie completely flat but it would be possible to sew or cut into the fabric. At the fashion show there would a long strip of fabric and we would have pre-cut pre sewn lines. This would give the audience the illusion that the garment is being made from scratch in the actual fashion show.

What went well for me was the way I was able to do all the things required in the brief such as research, the toile and the final garment. I think what also worked well was the way I was able to   conduct my team as the catering  manager and how we were able to get all the food we needed on time for the visitors and actually letting it link to the theme of the show.

What could have been improved is if my garment was multi-functional and it could have been more than just a top, as that could have developed the garment and taken it to another level. The multi-functional element would have also shown the Japanese inspiration in the garment. What I was able to learn from the whole experience was how working as a team is very important when organising an event especially on short notice. I also learnt what it’s like to organise a fashion show first hand and what it takes behind the scenes. I know that this will be beneficial in the future because there will be opportunities especially in the fashion industry to be involved in or organise fashion shows , so having a foundation of knowledge is essential. I enjoyed the project because it was hard work but that hard work paid off and the fashion show was the best way to end it


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