Trouser toile 06/03/2014

From the paper pattern I made I was able to use it to make my trouser toile. I didn’t use calico as I didn’t have any but Cathy said it was alright to use a cheap cotton as it was my final garment anyway and I just ned to sew up the toile to see it the gather effect worked and it did. I was delighted with the final outcome of my garment because what I had designed had finally come to life and it was interesting to see what it looked like on the leg of a mannequin. It wasn’t always sewing the trouser toile because I had to constantly sew in a circular motion so I had to make sure to feed the needle properly so think my sewing skills are what could have been proved but because it’s only a toile I wasn’t too worried about that. I think for next time when I’m sewing trousers I’d like to sew the whole toile so when I get to sewing the final garments I don’t like to make adjustments or changes as I would have done that with the toile.

20140306_172534 20140306_172546 20140306_172557 20140306_172611


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