Sewing trousers and crop top 14/03/2014

After the toile I was able to start working on my final garments for the diffusion collection. I chose to make a crop top from a simple bodice block and sew it from leather to give the trousers a finished look and make it a complete outfit. When researching Tibi I discovered they are about using leather and denim pieces to really develop an outfit and make it look feminine with a masculine edge. I wanted the outfit to fit both elements of Tibi and Modahnik which is why when I chose the fabric for the trousers I wanted to ensure it was a print material and I think that just made the trousers look so much better because the trouser toile looked so simple just in white. I have never worked with leather before so that was a new experience for me and I am glad I took the risk to use it as part of my collection because it ended up being so easy to sew, it has a structure/sturdiness to it and it doesn’t fray which is why I made the decision to not do finishing’s on the edges and I liked how simple and clean cut it looked already. As for the trousers I started sewing the trouser legs together but I didn’t finish them, my next mission now will be to add the waist band, do the finishing’s and add a zip. I think I could have improved by doing more on my trousers so I can move onto start making the dress for the diffusion collection. What I want to do now is get started on my dress as I haven’t even started the toile for it yet so I’d like to get to a place where I have at least both of my final garments and I just need to add the finer details to them to make them complete.

20140313_173744 20140313_173750 20140313_173800 20140314_151602 20140314_151631 20140314_151644 20140314_151908 20140314_151951 20140314_152002 20140314_152032 20140314_152042 20140314_152051 20140314_184643 20140314_184714


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