First presentation as a group


We made a presentation to showcase what we had so far and the designs we had begun to illustrate. We had already decided that out of the ideas we had generated we were leaning more towards the ‘deconstructed mannequins’ and the ‘colours’ theme. We drew our ideas with the thought of how they might look in the window display. Prior to the presentation we also met as a group the previous Friday to discuss what we wanted to add to our presentations and to show each other the designs of the windows we had started on.

So what?

The presentation was beneficial for our next step as a group, because the comments from our teachers advised us that we should narrow down on one main idea. We were also able to understand what we could do to improve and push the ideas further. They also told us that if we were to choose the colours theme that we couldn’t use mannequins to display our garments as it wouldn’t be creative enough. They also stated it would be important to explore colour theory and how we could use that to understand the theme of colours better.

From the experience of doing the presentation I learnt about how we coordinate as a group when we presentation, we didn’t have a script yet we were able to explain our ideas clearly and every member had verbal input. I disliked receiving criticism for our ideas at first but then I realised that the criticism could actually help us eliminate the dull ideas and push creativity on the better ones.

Now what?

Our tutors advised us to narrow down on one main idea, from this I would like us as a group to do that and start to think about how it could be displayed in a window. I would also like us to establish group roles as to what each member will do and how we will all contribute to this project. We should also start putting a schedule together to remind us to stay on track and see what we should be doing on a weekly basis. I can improve next time by creating better illustrations by using Photoshop to showcase my skills as well as have the illustrations look professional.

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