Tues 04/03/14 – Research Trip to London


Tues 11/03/14 – Work-in-progress session and catch up


Fri 14/03/14 – Planned initial ideas and finalized the main concepts


Mon 17/03/14 – Finished presentation and rehearsed it


Tues 18/03/14 – Presented the presentation, made schedule, assigned roles and write a narrative


Fri 21/03/14 – Share design ideas and make final mood boards


Mon 24/03/14 – Research/hunt for resources and set a budget


Tues 25/03/14 – Work-in-progress session and catch-up


Fri 28/03/14 – Charity shops and purchase materials, start making the presentation boards


Sat 29/03/14 – Send Shahnaz all the work to make a presentation


Mon 31/03/14 – Make and rehearse the presentation


Tues 01/04/14 – Present* work-in-progress to the group


Wed 02/04/14 – Make the backdrops, put up the barbed wire, fairy lights and practice holding the garment on a balloon.


Tues 08/01/14(EASTER) Focus on the presentation boards and rework the garments.


(Email Shahnaz the work throughout the holidays to make the presentation)


Mon 28/01/14 – Show the work we’ve done over Easter and practice the presentation.


Tues 29/01/14 – Present* to the group (pre-pitch critique)


Wed 30/01/14 – Finish any little bits of the window display


Fri 02/05/14 – Come in just before and inflate balloons and hand everything up. DEADLINE


Weds 07/05/14 – Pitch to the judging panel


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