Dress toile and main dress 23/03/2014

This week was beneficial for my progress for the diffusion project because I was able to start and finish my toile as well as start sewing up the dress that will be part of the collection. Sewing the toile was relatively easy the difficulty came to when I had to sew the circles on the side of the dress because the surface on the industrial machines are flat and it would been easier to use a normal machine where I could’ve inserted the garment on the sewing space and I could rotate the garment in order to sew the circles. I was also able to add a peter pan collar and sew the front to the back of the dress so it looked complete. When I started my main dress I wanted to sew the front first as it would be relatively easy and fast to do, when I moved to the back of the dress I added a leather panel and I had to work out a way to sew leather and cotton to together I didn’t want the cotton to rip in the process because its not as strong as leather so I did a double stitch on the seam to ensure it was secure. Originally I hadn’t designed the dress to have the leather panel but I still had some leather left over from making the crop top and I think the leather on the dress was a nice touch because it looked coherent to the rest of the collection. On my trousers I was also able to finally ass the waist band which I sewn out of leather to further emphasise the correlation between the garments. I think what worked well my ability to problem solve without Cathy’s help it made me feel more confident in myself as I wasn’t always asking her to help me with every single problem I had, I decided to rely on research and my own ability and what I found was that through experimentation and failures I was to figure out exactly what I needed to do by the end. I think what also worked well was the way I infusion each garment with leather accents to show I had in fact developed my design to make them all look universal. I think what I would have done differently would have been to. I also learnt how to do a stay stitch on a garment which is where another line of stitching is sewing near the seam to make a facing lie flat. Because of what I learnt I will be applying this to the rest of my facings on my garments and that should stop the facing from popping out. I could improve on some of stitching because sometimes I can rush it and that it doesn’t come out very neat and it makes the garment lose its value. Ultimate task now would be finish the finer details of my garments to ensure they are ready for the photo-shoot and to be put on the rack for assessment.


20140321_194426 20140318_190902 20140318_190911 20140318_190927 20140319_161010 20140319_161110 20140319_161121 20140319_161157 20140319_161203 20140320_011238 20140320_011244 20140320_131031 20140320_131043 20140320_131054 20140320_131121 20140320_185047 20140320_185059 20140321_172002 20140321_172024 20140321_172035 20140321_175046 20140321_175101 20140321_175449 20140321_175500 20140321_175509


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