Week6: take pictures of structure around uni

Week 6

This week I was able to go around university and take pictures of my structure that I was now happy with. I had worked on it extensively and that’s why I finally decided to leave the classroom environment and take pictures of my structure elsewhere to see if that changed the context. I enjoyed being outside the classroom because I was able to get some really good shots of the structure in another environment. I was able to learn about how to place structures in front of a camera to get the most rewarding shots. The experience was different from the other lessons I’d had so far in 3d because I used this lesson to focus more on photography rather than making. As the final submission had to be a poster I knew that photography would be something I would have to be involved with in order to showcase my work. The only thing I disliked was how long it took doing photography as I would have liked to start working into them on Photoshop but I guess that’s something I can work on for next week.


IMG-20140304-WA0012 IMG-20140304-WA0013 IMG-20140304-WA0014 IMG-20140304-WA0015 IMG-20140304-WA0016 IMG-20140304-WA0017 IMG-20140304-WA0018 IMG-20140304-WA0022 IMG-20140304-WA0026 IMG-20140304-WA0027 IMG-20140304-WA0028 IMG-20140304-WA0029 IMG-20140304-WA0033 IMG-20140304-WA0039 IMG-20140304-WA0042 IMG-20140304-WA0043 IMG-20140314-WA0011 IMG-20140314-WA0013 IMG-20140324-WA0022 IMG-20140324-WA0033 IMG-20140324-WA0034 IMG-20140324-WA0035 IMG-20140324-WA0036



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