IMG-20140415-WA0001 IMG-20140415-WA0002 IMG-20140415-WA0004Catch up session


As a group we had been able to accomplish the tasks we had set ourselves to do. We had finally chosen a theme which was ‘colours’ and we had discussed as to how we could make this a relevant theme in the window display. We were told we couldn’t use mannequins so we toiled with the ideas of using other means to display garments such as balloons to hold up the garments. They would have to be helium filled and as helium in balloons doesn’t last we knew the balloons would begin to fall and we wanted to use this as an advantage. We discussed the idea of adding barbed wire for the garments to fall on when the balloons failed to continue carrying them. From this development in our idea the tutors advised us to write a narrative explaining the story of our idea. We also managed to write up a schedule and established roles within the group leading up to the catch session in class. In the catch up session we also managed to conduct an experiment to see if a balloon could actually carry a garment and in the mac room we also developed a mood-board for our colour theme.

So what?

The catch up session allowed us to work out what we wanted to do during the week and I liked that we were able to take what our tutors had advised us on and apply it to our own learning and better our work. What worked well for our group was having established a schedule because from there we knew what we needed to do both individually and as a group. I assumed we had done enough during the week and I expected the catch up session to be fairly casual but I remembered that I still had work to do even in my sketchbook and we as a group had research to do towards our idea and to make sure the idea wasn’t just a copy of something else.


Now what?

What we can do now as a group is to prepare a presentation for next week’s session, to go to charity shops and buy the garments and to document the experiment we did. We could have improved on our experiment by researching first how much helium it takes it takes to lift a garment and that would have given us a more accurate idea of how many balloons to buy. Through our failure we could assess the situation and re-evaluate how many balloons we would need for the actual window display and what fabrics we should purchase that are light enough to be lifted by balloons. What we would have differently would have been to do more research and that would have saved us time and money on an experiment that was originally destined to fail, but with knowledge from the research maybe the outcome would have been different.


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