Presentation 2


We made a presentation to show the progress we have made as a group and what we have done outside of timetabled lessons. The presentation showed the narrative we wrote, the experiment we did, the garments we were able to purchase and what our hopes are as a group for the upcoming week. We even started making barbed wire this week so that by the time we came back from Easter we would have done some of the main elements of the window display.

So what?

What I learnt was that although our experiment failed that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing because now we know what no to do when it came to making the window display. I also learnt that we would have to do the experiment again in order to gain more accurate results, as a group we learnt about the science behind our experiment and how gravity is a big factory in whether our window display will be a success in the long run. I liked how easy the process of making barbed wire with string was and how between us we could make multiple sets of the barbered wire. The downside of it was how messy it was that’s what I disliked.

Now what?

As Easter is approaching I need to set up my own schedule of what I will be doing during the holidays. I plan on updating my sketchbook with the research I have done and the mood board I did on Photoshop  also plan on  working on the pitch boards and developing and altering the work I and the group have done so far so it’s of a professional standard. We could have improved our presentation by including the group roles and schedule we made from the last catch up session to show our tutors that we had actually listened to their advice and used it.


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