Modahnik shop report


Modahnik is a fashion label created by fashion designer Kahindo Mateene, who is largely inspired by her Congolese heritage and her experiences of the travels she had growing up in Africa. The label was established in 2009 and has go on to create a number of collections for the spring summer and autumn winter seasons. Modahnik’s distinct look is its mix of bold colours and clashing patterns to create a look for a woman who isn’t afraid to stand out. The clothing is designed to cater to the female form and celebrate the different shapes that it can produce. The collections of Modahnik have been featured on the runways of Johannesburg, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.


“ I feel like what I do is integral to my DNA,”- Kahindo Mateene


Customer profile

The Modahnik woman is constantly expressing herself through fashion and her love of print; she isn’t hesitant to incorporate vibrant colours into her style. The ideal modahnik customer is described as being “a global nomad who views fashion as a creative expression of her individuality. She is classically feminine with an edge and dares to be bold.” She is a woman who is aware of her body type and realises that modahnik clothing provides the skilled tailoring she needs to showcase her silhouette. Having a disposable income means she has the ability to spend money on luxury items and become a returning customer. Her line of employment may be corporate or retail but she is sure to find something that is suitable to fit the mark.


Size range

The modahnik sizes range from American size 2 to 12; in the UK these sizes would be a 4 and a 14. This shows that whether you have an athletic build or you are more on the curvier side, sizes are available to suit what you require. Suppliers are aware of what sizes are more common than others reason being size range and ratio assists in maximising profit and reducing failure to sell stock.










Fabric composition

  1. Green modahnik henna print strapless dress,$338.00/£203.30, 100% cotton with leather trim, dry clean only.



  1. Naevia dress, $167.00/£100.45, 50% cotton 50% silk, fully lined.




  1. Sansa dress, $140.00/£84.21, 100% cotton, fully lined.



  1. Double collar dress, $133.00/£80.00, 100% cotton, fully lined, dry clean only.




  1. Tuxedo front mini, $123.00/£73.98, 100% cotton, fully lined, dry clean only.



  1. Plunging neckline dress, $135.00/£81.20, 100% cotton, fully lined, dry clean only.




  1. Maxi tulip dress,$434.00/£261.04, 100% silk 10% cotton trim, fully lined, dry clean only.



  1. Dolma wrap dress, $151.00/£90.82, 100% cotton, fully lined, dry clean only.




  1. Leather sleeve dress,$466.00/£280.28, 100% cotton with leather trim, fully lined, dry clean only.





  1. Alithia dress, $185.00/£111.27, 90% silk 10% cotton, fully lined, dry clean only.




Price points

On the modahnik website the only items for sale are dresses, tops and skirts, however the advantage of having retailers is that they are able to stock more items at a wider scale.


  • Dresses $466.00/£280.28-$123.00/£74.01
  • Tops $370.00/£222.64-$109.00/£65.59
  • Skirts $314.00/£188.94-$101.00/£60.77



Location of stores/retailers

  • Nomads Hawaii

Kailua, HI


  • Florodora

Chicago, IL


  • Hasana

Chicago, IL


  • Vile and Valiant

Chicago, IL



  • Wafwako

Cape Town, South Africa


  • Sapelle

London, U.K.


  • Modavanti(online)




Brand philosophy

Modahnik is a fashion line that is inspired by the Avant garde eclecticism of Congolese art and culture. With vibrant, colourful prints and solids, we combine African textiles with cutting edge patterns, and styles for the sophisticated woman. From Congo to Chicago we cater to the woman with an exquisite sense of style, and a desire to stand apart from the crowd.

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