Tibi shop report

Tibi is an American womenswear clothing brand, founded by designer Amy Smilovic in 1997. Tibi’s humble beginnings began in Hong Kong and Indonesia where Smilovic fully developed her love and appreciate for print and bold colours; she worked with local textile printers to create Tibi’s first capsule collection which was eventually sold to lane Crawford and other expats in Hong Kong. Tibi has now become a fashion company based in Soho New York, producing seasonal ready to wear collections, and consistently showcasing its work at New York fashion week.

“I always think a woman should dress in contradictions – youthful and sophisticated, masculine and feminine, bold and muted colors.”- Amy Smilovic

Customer profile

The Tibi customer is woman between the ages of 25 to 45; she is a professional and at times sorely career driven. If she is married with children she still finds time to incorporate fashion into her wardrobe and being fashion conscious allows her to be aware of what is in style. She likes clothing that is clean, modern and slightly masculine but with some femininequalities, Tibi provides pieces that are suitable for most body types and created to be flattering, comfortable and stylish. As Tibi is based in new York, a lot of the designs tend to be inspired by the location and general creative outlet that major cities tend to produce, the Tibi customer is not afraid to experiment with different pieces from the collections but is aware of how she can still remain looking modern rather than outdated through her selections.

Size range

The Tibi sizes range from XS to L meaning the brand is able to accommodate for sizes that fit their target market. They are aware of how they want the tibi woman to reflect the collection, but also understand that tibi clothing can be paired with other brands to create an overall look of the modern woman. The sizing chart is taken from www.tibi.com and it shows how they also cater to international sizes, which shows they value their customers worldwide.

Fabric composition

  1. FLUME ASYMMETRICAL LONG DRESS, $675.00/£405.65, COLOUR: Pearled Ivory,Fully Lined. Fabrication: 100% Polyester. Dry Clean Only.



  1. CLUSTER BEADING DRESS, $550.00/£330.53, COLOUR: Ivory/Blush Multi, Fully Lined. Fabrication: 91% Cotton, 9% Nylon. Dry Clean Only.



  1. FOG EMBROIDERY DRESS, $550.00/£330.53, COLOUR: Navy/Black Multi, Fully Lined. Fabrication: 40% Cupro, 35% Ramie, 25% Viscose. Dry Clean Only.



  1. ITALIAN PONTE TANK DRESS, $385.00/£231.37, COLOUR: Heather Grey, Unlined. Fabrication: 69% Viscose, 25% Nylon, 6% Elastane. Dry Clean Only.



  1. PAVEMENT SLEEVELESS DRESS, $445.00/£267.43, COLOUR: Pavement Black Multi, Fully Lined. Fabrication: 63% Cotton, 26% Rayon. Dry Clean Only.



  1. SIERRA DRESS, $398.00/£239.18, COLOUR: Bright Peridot Multi, Unlined. Fabrication: 100% Silk. Dry Clean Only.



  1. BIBELOT OPEN BACK DRESS, $345.00/£207.33, COLOUR: Coral, Fully Lined. Fabrication: 77% Triacetate, 23% Polyester. Dry Clean Only.



  1. DOUBLE LAYER GAUZE DRESS, $398.00/£239.18, COLOUR: Black Multi, Fully Lined. 49% Polyester, 27% Triacetate, 19% Rayon, 5% Nylon; 100% Silk. Professional Dry Clean by Leather Specialist.



  1. SPECTATOR KNIT DRESS, $325.00/£195.31, COLOR: Navy/Black, Fully Lined. Fabrication: 72% Rayon, 23% Nylon, 5% Elastane. Dry Clean Only.



  1. ARIA LEATHER FLIRTY DRESS, $898.00/£539.66, COLOR: Black, Fully Lined. Fabrication: 100% Leather. Professional Dry Cleaning by Leather Specialist.


Price points

All Tibi clothing ends in the .00 pricing method rather than the .99 system, retailers use this as a way of triggering the customer into believing they are receiving a good bargain. By using the .00 pricing method it shows that the item is a final purchase there is no extra money after the decimal point as this can sometimes make an item seem more expensive to a customer’s eye. This is especially important in targeting impulse buyers who want to stay current with fashion.

  • Dresses $298.00/£179.09-$898.00/£539.66
  • Tops $115.00/£69.11-$698.00/£419.47
  • Knitwear and sweatshirts $198.00/£118.99-$398.00/£239.18
  • Skirts $198.00/£118.99-$698.00/£419.47
  • Trousers and shorts $250.00/£150.24-$550.00/£330.53
  • Jackets and blazers $378.00/£227.16-$750.00/£450.72

Location of stores

The location of the main Tibi store is in Soho New York, it very spacious and has the feel of a walk in closet, it invites the typical Tibi customer as well as those curious shoppers looking for a brand that fits their interests. Tibi also supplies to other retailers worldwide such as Harvey Nichols and Harrods in London. The majority of the stock is available on the online store; the website itself has evidently been designed to reflect the style of the brand and has a running theme for each season.

Amy Smilovic on Tibi’s brand philosophy

‘’With boutiques and department stores, we do our best to convey the Tibi message within the confines of the space, but at the flagship you can see the collection as a whole, merchandised as intended and housed in an interior that reflects the brand’s philosophy.  The interior is clean and minimal with lots of architectural detail, all key words for our new direction.’’

Lisa Teh for http://www.couturing.com


January 05, 2012





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