Easter break


Over the Easter break we had decided as a group to focus on the pitch boards because when we got back we would only have a few weeks until it would be time to deliver the presentation to the manager of the mall, and pitch boards are essential for that purpose. We had agreed to focus on one pitch board each and I chose to do the moodbaord. For the mood board I started it using adobe illustrator to draw the outline of the main elements such as the model wearing the garments we purchased from the charity shops, the balloons and the barbed wire and the whole theme would showcase the pastel colours we had all decided to use. Then I moved the image onto adobe Photoshop to add colour and create a fuller, visually satisfying image. Over the break I also continued with the making aspect of the project as it would eliminate how much we would have to do after Easter. I also used the opportunity of the break to update the work I had done so far at university, but not yet documented about in my sketchbook.

So what?

Using Photoshop and illustrator on a regular basis over the Easter break helped me learn how to do certain functions on the two programmes. I liked how I turned a simple concept in an illustration mood board, though not always easy I persevered till I was confident with the end result. Sticking to the schedule over the holidays allowed me to do my part for the group and that’s what worked well for me.

Now what?

Reflecting on the break I believe I achieved what I set out to do, I learnt about new skills on Photoshop and illustrator and that made the task of the creating the pitch boards much easier. I could have utilised my time more by actually working into the garments that we had purchased to make them look current, trendy and up to date with the fashions of 2014. What I would have also done differently is to have done the experiment again to work out how many balloons we would need for the critique as it would be the first lesson back and we would have to create our design in a window display before the real pitch. I was pleased with the way I made improvements on the last mood board and the development reflects that.


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