Pre pitch crit


We created a presentation to go alongside the window display we created. Firstly with the presentation as usual it was created to show my groups progress so far and what our goals are for the actual pitch. The window display itself didn’t exactly turn out the way we wanted to, because the balloons didn’t have enough helium in them so they couldn’t lift the clothes. We had to think fast as to how we could solve the problem. We came up with using the washing line idea and using the line to support the garment and then tying the balloons to the garments to give the illusion that the balloons were holding up the clothes. We were able to attach the fairy lights to the barbered wire but it ended up looking cluttered. During the presentation our tutors advised us that we could use invisible wire, hang it from the ceiling to actually hold up the garments then we could attach the balloons to the invisible wire to give the impression of suspense and that the balloons are holding up the garments from falling on the barbed wire. The advice from the tutors spurred me to develop the window display illustration and show the potential of what the window display could look like.

So what?

From the crit I learnt about how to take constructive criticism and make it useful because it allowed us to hear ideas from different perspectives that we hadn’t thought of ourselves. The experience of having a group crit was nerve wrecking because we didn’t have everything, we ran into some problems, but through our problem solving skills we managed to at least have a window display to display at the end of the day. I liked that were able to work as a team to get the job done, and I believe that’s what worked well because of our commitment and perseverance. We managed to have a good crit because I learnt how we could improve our display for next time.

Now what?

The crit allowed us to see where we needed to improve and how we could improve. It also meant we had more resources to retrieve. Our next step will be to start putting together the final presentation and script so we aren’t talking over each other and we know exactly what we need to say so it looks professional. What we could   have done differently is to have set up much earlier or set up from the day before because we started to rush when we realised we were running out of time. We could have also improved on the overall appearance of the display as it looked rushed. For the final window display we would like to apply that learning by making the display neat and paying attention to the finer details and ironing out the problems early on.


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