Week7: work on final poster

Week8: final poster


Week 7 and 8

I used the last two weeks to really try and edit my poster/image on Photoshop. I used one of the photographs I took the other week as I wanted to use it and submit it as my poster. I wanted to give it a nostalgic element so I added a sepia effect and layered images on top of each other and I think that pulled off what I wanted the poster to look like. It’s only when I started editing my pictures that I realised what my concept was and that was me. I had made myself the subject without noticing it until the end of my elective.

My structure represents the work I hope to one day be displayed at this university, this automatically helped me to achieve my goals and hopefully I will come back to university in 2015 to see my dreams realised through my work and I hope . I will become a successful designer / artist that will have work displayed or made in university and it will be nostalgic. Working on Photoshop helped me better my skills on the program because I am not always confident when using it , I had finished my poster but I felt that something was missing that could strengthen the final outcome , so I would like to make it my next mission to develop the poster further until I am happy with it. If I could have done things differently it would have been to make an actual 3D poster that was 3D and not flat. What I would like to do now is to start writing up my summary for this elective and reflect on the last 8 weeks’ worth of work.





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