Final window


Today the task was to set up the window display for the final time as part of the assessment and presentation. The day began by attaching the barbed wire of different colours on the window display. We also began to blow up the balloons using a helium canister and attach the ribbon so they wouldn’t float away. We soon realised that we had a few items missing that we needed such as hooks, hangers and a backdrop. Through problem solving we discovered that the best thing to do would be to get some free hangers from Primark, some hooks from Wilkinson’s and some fabric for the backdrop from the market. As we continued to build on the window display we encountered some technical difficulties with the hanging of the garments, so as an end result we decided to not use the hangers as they added too much weight and they didn’t look creative enough. With several group discussions we decided that we would hang the garments with the wire alone and begin to add the fairy lights and the backdrop to complete the finished look. Though the display had a few changes I think it worked out well in the end and the display showcased all of our artistic skills. We also had our final presentation to show how the project has developed since the crit we had. The presentation also went through some changes as I felt it needed to be simplified and reader friendly. So I altered some slides the night before the pitch and even added the last slide to state reasons why our window display would be beneficial to be in partnership with the mall. The manager even stated that because of this we were the first group to make him feel like the client.

So what?

Doing the final display was beneficial in so many ways because we were able to tackle the problems we faced with installation. I think what worked well was the way we worked as a team and how we dealt with our group roles and adapted to them. However I think we could have maybe began installing the display the day before because we nearly ran out of time again. I liked seeing how the window display turned out because it was such an improvement on the one we did for the crit. I was glad that all the hard work had paid off and that effort was evident in the final outcome.

Now what?

What I have learnt from this whole unit is how I used my skills in fashion design and adapted them to be used in another discipline. The whole day taught me how to be organised and professional for a client from industry, to take the finer details seriously and to listen to what the client has to say. One piece of advice he gave us was to always be considerate of what the client wants and to deliver the best of your creativity. We could have improved our presentation by running through it a few times before hand just so that we were more confident and less nervous. The unit allowed me to realise that I should always apply what I learn to my own work, to develop my skills and to give myself enough time to finish the outcome to the best of my ability as it displays professionalism.





















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