Finished garments 09/05/2014

I Have been able finally finish my garments; I added zip and overlooked edges to give them a more finished a look think my problem is that I don’t finished garments right away I tend to start and stop rather than finishing the whole thing at once. This makes me forget what I have left to do and I have to go to what I’ve started, remember where I left off and try to finish it off. My next step now is to focus on my photo-shoot for next week as my garments are now complete and I can focus on getting my portfolio ready for hand in.

20140509_183626 20140508_161916 20140508_161922 20140508_162007 20140508_162016 20140508_162056 20140508_162119 20140508_190018 20140508_190022 20140508_190034 20140508_190039 20140508_190040 20140508_190051 20140508_190053(0) 20140508_190053 20140508_210457 20140508_210504 20140508_210514 20140509_183343 20140509_183500 20140509_183602 20140509_183608 20140509_183620


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