Digital summary

The digital elective required that we experiment using 3d materials in order to explore all 3d elements and at the end of the 8 week period we would have to submit a flat a2 poster that reflected the work we had been developing and working on. I chose the 3d elective because I thought we would using a wide range of 3d objects to create some sort of culture and this is what we should be submitting but I was disappointed when I realised we would be submitting a poster just like the other electives that was influenced by the 2025-nolstagia an age yet to come theme. We began the elective fairly well but then I started to lose motivation because I felt like there wasn’t much to do other than create these ‘gallery spaces’ and I had not chosen 3d to do that.

On the other hand there were some elements of the 3d elective that went well, once I started to have an idea I just continued to develop it each week, making sure to take pictures and document my progress. I feel like my poster was the strongest piece of work because it reflects the 2025 theme, it reflects what I had been working on in the 8 week period and it also showcases my other skills such as photography and editing using photoshop software.

I think I could have improved if I had done more research on other artists because that could have created more inspiration for me to work from. Because I wasn’t feeling motivated I lacked the need to do work that would have contributed to my final a2 poster. What I learnt from the elective is that experimentation is important and that boredom isn’t always such a bad thing but I should always try to stay focused and motivated especially on the things that I don’t find interesting

Overall for the elective I enjoyed it but I’m not sure as to whether it really helped me in being able to apply it to fashion design, I would have hoped for a more practical elective. I will however take what I have learnt from the year and use it in 3rd year so I utilise all the things I learnt about.


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