Self-assessment for diffusion

The diffusion collection project was a project based on creating a collection for a fashion company that doesn’t have a diffusion line. The reason for a diffusion line is to create a collection from the same company but at a lower cost that most customers can afford. For my project I found that I couldn’t choose between the works of tibi and Modahnik and that’s how I can up with the idea to create a diffusion line that took elements from both fashion companies and create some sort of collaboration between the two. It was interesting and challenging to come up with a collection that is feminine yet masculine, playful yet career orientated and simple but with complex patterns. Therefore i  began to do some research on tibi and Modahnik to gain a deeper understanding of both of them and what they stand for. I knew that in order for this collaboration diffusion line to work there had to be some correlation between the two fashion brands. Complying shop reports and customer profiles allowed me to understand the two companies and their target market, which I felt was important in the continuation of the diffusion project, without understanding a company it can be difficult to design for something u have no knowledge about. I wanted to make sure that I knew as much information as I could, visually and theoretically.

I think for me what worked well was the way I made sure to take time to do my research of the designs and their past collections. This allowed me to have an idea of what I could design and I feel the concept came out very strongly. I was able to take elements from both fashion brands and create something new and innovative. i believe what also went well was the way I was able to take the extra initiative to set up my own photo-shoot for my garments and photograph them myself, I feel the photographs came out as really strong portfolio pages and they really showed off the garments better than when they were photographed on the stand. Although I came across some difficulties whilst in the process of sorting out my photographs, my perseverance allowed me to continue working even when I knew time was running out. I was able to use my problem solving skills to figure out a way that I could photograph my pictures again and have them printed and ready for my portfolio.

However I believe what I could have improved on would have been my sewing skills and they could have been refined more, the garments could have looked more professional if the finer details were taken care of better. I am aware that its not my strongest area in fashion design, but I continue to make sure im getting better and that I am learning the skills that I should have once I graduate.

Overall this project has enhanced my skills because it has pushed me to explore areas of fashion that I was scared to do before just of fear of failure. I now realise that through my failures is how I get to the big idea, and that is certainly evident throughout this project.


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