Self-assessment/group assessment for window project

The window display project was simply about team work, we were put into groups in order create a window display that showcased all of our artistic and creative skills to create display that was predictable and had already been done. From the beginning as a group we were very good at being able to come up with ideas, narrowing them down to fewer ideas and then refining them to best out of one idea. Because we were able to come up with our colours idea very early on in the project we were able to get a lot of work done and progress faster than most of the other groups. We also made a schedule that helped us to know what we needed to do on a weekly basis; we also agreed to meet every Wednesday, Monday and Friday. The meetings also helped us prepare for presentations, we all contributed to the PowerPoint slides to make sure the project for us as a group had that correlation rather than a project that looked that it had been done individually rather than together. The project also required that we make pitch boards that were to go with the final presentations and a final window dislay that we would then pitch to the manager of the mall.

What went well for us as a group was the way we were able to organise ourselves into roles so we knew exactly what each member was responsible for. we were also able to keep developing our idea through experimentations and we always listened to the feedback we would receive from the tutors because they always had helpful insights for us and artists that they thought would help with our group research for our ideas. Whenever we encountered problems we respected each other’s opinions and discussed what the best way forward for the project was and how we could improve it. Every member was also able to contribute financially to the window display and I believe this is what really motivated us to make sure that all our efforts were recognised.

What didn’t go so well was that sometimes there would be a clash between the fashion and advertising students because we had all come from different backgrounds of art and designs it was sometimes difficult to make sure that we were all in sync, what I would think is a good idea to display something wouldn’t always be a shared opinion. We also had issues where when it came to putting up the display, certain things went wrong and I feel like it had to be rushed because time was against us, if we could have done anything differently it would have been to put more time and consideration into the window display to iron out the details and also it would have helped if we could have written up a plan B just in case our window display idea didn’t work out.

I appreciated this project because it allowed me to remember how to be a team member and work together to ensure the final product was complete. It was also good being partnered with other people from art and design because I know in the real world I will meet people from different backgrounds of art and design and its good to get in the habit of doing collaborative work because the end result is executed so well.



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