I was chosen to be the manager for the model recruitment team. we decided as a team that we would go to uni and the mall to ask and begin to recruit people interested in modelling for our fashion show. we had great results and collected nearly 50 names with numbers and emails so we could begin to communicate with them to let them know the plan for the upcoming dress rehearsals, choreography and fashion show schedule. Not all of the model team was able to help with the model recruitment but with the people we had we were able to accomplish more than we had initially anticipated. From the data we compiled we decided to create a spreadsheet of information that would make it easier for us to figure out our final set of models who were definitely able to model for the fashion show.

IMG-20140520-WA0059 IMG-20140520-WA0058 IMG-20140520-WA0057 IMG-20140520-WA0056 IMG-20140520-WA0055 IMG-20140520-WA0050 IMG-20140520-WA0051 IMG-20140520-WA0052 IMG-20140520-WA0053 IMG-20140520-WA0054 IMG-20140520-WA0049 IMG-20140520-WA0048 IMG-20140520-WA0047 IMG-20140520-WA0045 IMG-20140520-WA0033 IMG-20140520-WA0034 IMG-20140520-WA0044 IMG-20140520-WA0038 IMG-20140520-WA0037 IMG-20140520-WA0036 IMG-20140520-WA0035


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