Reflecting on this year it is certainly evident I have improved my work and I have enhanced my learning since last year.  I have been more daring and bold through my work by trying out new techniques and practises from textiles to print making. It is difficult to summarise a year as it has been eventful with so much to learn and preparation for next year, but I will now explain how the year has been for me studying the course as a second year student.

The highlights for this year would have to include the red square project, I would have never thought that we would be able to organise something so short notice and make a garment at the same time. I loved the feeling of having accomplished something that at the beginning that i thought would been too difficult. The project also motivated me to pitch for the catering manager position which I ended up getting and just reflected my skills and expertise towards being able to pitch for something that I desire. In industry it is very common to pitch for ideas, which is why I felt I had to do in order to help me get over my fear of interviews and speaking to business people. I appreciated that my tutor created the red square project because the jacket project felt like it was never ending and I was losing motivation for it, the red square project allowed me to feel excited about a new project and it made a difference to be researching and making something new. It was the best way to introduce the year because it was a short project but it still had all the elements of what I normal 6 week project would have.

Aside from fashion I was also inspired by the lecture series, each week I was able to learn about something new in the world or art, past and present. I specifically enjoyed the lecture that focused on black history because for me it’s not always that I get to learn about something personal like that and I liked Colin’s style of lecturing because it was honest, at times opinionated but the points he’d make would always lead back to the relevance of the lecture subject.

I also enjoyed sewing more this year because I tried not to rely on Cathy for everything so it allowed me to push myself to do better and if I made a mistake I would try fix it myself first before I went to Cathy to ask for help.

However the most difficult task for me this year was probably keeping up to date with my blog, I would always right notes and research into my notebook but then I would forget to type it up and before I know it weeks have passed.  With the work we received in second year it was difficult at times to blog whilst having to do other practical units at the same time. I have to say though that second year has definitely helped me with being able to balance my schedule better which is something that I had been working on since first year and hope to perfect by 3rd year.

When I first started second year I was anxious because I thought it would be a such a big leap from first year and I felt like I wouldn’t be able to catch up with the work load but as the year progressed I didn’t have that anxiety, in fact I became more bold in what I wanted to accomplish, I wanted to make sure that the year was fulfilled in regards to the work I did and the skills I learnt and bettered.

My personal improvements for next I’d like to make are when I receive work to immediately start doing it whether its research or just sketches as long something is done in my sketchbook on a daily basis. I would also like to improve on my textiles skills especially the finishings on garments, I know that I will be required to make 4- 6 outfits for next year so I would like to make sure I learn skills that will help me deal with work load. Finally I would like to improve on my blogging, rather than just blogging on a weekly basis I want to set myself the target of blogging on a daily basis for next year. I am aware of how stressful the 3rd year can be so I know if I did tasks on a regular basis and on schedule it would be easier to keep with the work that we are given.

Overall I have enjoyed the second year of this course, I feel I have grown more as a student because I have engaged more in the lessons and I have been more willing to learn and have actually enjoyed the whole process of learning. I feel that the units have definitely contributed in the process of enhancing my learning and preparing me not just for 3rd year but also for when I graduate and begin to work in industry.
















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